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Title: Poly[μ2-aqua-μ4-[1-(4-chloro-phen-yl)-4,4,4-tri-fluoro-butane-1,3-dionato]-potassium]
Authors: Martins, João P 
Issue Date: 2013
Volume: 69
Issue: Pt 7
Abstract: In the title compound, [K(C10H5ClO2F3)(H2O)] n , the two independent K(+) ions are located on a twofold rotation axis. For each of the cations, the distorted cubic coordination environment is defined by two F and four O atoms of symmetry-related 1,4-chloro-phenyl-4,4,4-tri-fluoro-butane-1,3-dionate anions and by two O atoms of water mol-ecules. The μ4-bridging character of the anion and the μ2-bridging of the water mol-ecule lead to the formation of layers parallel to (100). The coordinating water mol-ecules are also involved in O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds that reinforce the mol-ecular cohesion within the layers, which are stacked along [100]. The β-diketonate anion is not planar, with an angle of 31.78 (10)° between the mean planes of the diketonate group and the chloro-phenyl ring.
DOI: 10.1107/S1600536813017388
Rights: openAccess
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