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Title: Paranoia in the General Population: a revised version of the General Paranoia Scale for adolescents
Authors: Barreto Carvalho, Célia 
Pereira, Vanessa 
Sousa, Marina 
Motta, Carolina 
Pinto-Gouveia, José 
Keywords: Paranoid Ideation; Adolescence; Continuum; Social Defense
Issue Date: 2014
Serial title, monograph or event: European Scientific Journal
Volume: 10
Issue: 23
Abstract: The aim of the current study was to validate the General Paranoia Scale for Portuguese Adolescents population (GPS-A). This scale assesses the paranoid ideation in non-clinical population. Results from a confirmatory factor analysis of the scale on 1218 youths confirmed an alternative model to the one-dimensional model proposed by Fenigstein and Vanable (1992) comprising three different dimensions (Mistrust thoughts, persecutory ideas and depreciation). This alternative model presented a good fit: χ2 (162)= 727.200, p = .000; CFI = .925; RMSEA = .054, P(rmsea ≤0.05) = .000; PCFI = .788; AIC = 863.200. All items presented adequate factor loadings (λij ≥0.5) and individual reliability ((λij)2 ≥0.25). Further data analysis on the scale revealed that the GPS-A is an adequate assessment tool for adolescents, with good psychometric characteristics and high internal consistency.
Rights: openAccess
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