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Title: The J-numerical range of a J-Hermitian matrix and related inequalities
Authors: Nakazato, Hiroshi 
Bebiano, Natália 
Providência, João da 
Keywords: Krein space; J-numerical range; J-Hermitian matrix
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Linear Algebra and its Applications. 428:11-12 (2008) 2995-3014
Abstract: Recently, indefinite versions of classical inequalities of Schur, Ky Fan and Rayleigh-Ritz on Hermitian matrices have been obtained for J-Hermitian matrices that are J-unitarily diagonalizable, J=Ir[circle plus operator](-Is),r,s>0. The inequalities were obtained in the context of the theory of numerical ranges of operators on indefinite inner product spaces. In this paper, the subject is revisited, relaxing the constraint of the matrices being J-unitarily diagonalizable.
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