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Title: Product of diagonal entries of the unitary orbit of a 3-by-3 normal matrix
Authors: Nakazato, Hiroshi 
Bebiano, Natália 
Providência, João da 
Keywords: Orthostochastic matrix; Star-shapedness; Diagonal entries
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Linear Algebra and its Applications. 429:4 (2008) 698-715
Abstract: Let N be a 3×3 normal matrix. We investigate the sets where U(3) is the group of 3×3 unitary matrices and 1[less-than-or-equals, slant]k[less-than-or-equals, slant]3. Geometric properties of these sets are studied, namely, star-shapedness and simple connectedness are investigated. A method for the numerical estimation of is also provided for normal matrices of size 3.
Rights: openAccess
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