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Title: Crystal structure of hydrated diphenylguanidinium hexafluoroferrate (III)
Authors: Silva, Manuela Ramos 
Beja, Ana Matos 
Costa, Benilde F. O. 
Paixão, José A. 
Veiga, Luiz Alte da 
Keywords: Hydrated diphenylguanidinium hexafluoroferrate; Hydrated iron trifluoride; X-ray structure determination; X-ray powder diffraction; Mössbauer spectroscopy
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Journal of Fluorine Chemistry. 106:1 (2000) 77-81
Abstract: The crystal structure of 3C13H14N3+FeF63-·3.5H2O was determined. Both phenyl rings of the diphenylguanidine cation are oriented syn to the central C=NH2 group. The anions and cations are held together by a three-dimensional network of hydrogen bonds. In the synthesis of this compound, a second phase (iron trifluoride trihydrate) was formed and identified by powder diffraction data. Mössbauer results show two different iron environments compatible with the two phases reported.
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