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Title: Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of an alternating manganese chain
Authors: Silva, Manuela Ramos 
Beja, Ana Matos 
Paixão, José António 
Martín-Gil, Jesus 
Keywords: Mn(ii) complexes; Dimethylglycine; X-ray structure; Antiferromagnetic interaction
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Journal of Solid State Chemistry. 179:7 (2006) 2054-2058
Abstract: A new 1D complex has been prepared and characterized. X-ray single crystal structure confirms that the Mn(II) ions assemble in alternating chains with Mn-Mn distances of 3.8432(13) and 4.4428(14) Å. A 3D network of hydrogen bonds links the chains together. The temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility reveals that this compound undergoes a magnetic transition and exhibits an antiferromagnetic interaction in the low-temperature phase with two alternating exchange interactions of -2.32(1) and -5.55(1) cm-1.
Rights: openAccess
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