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Title: Positron annihilation and constant photocurrent method measurements on a-Si:H films: A comparative approach to defect identification
Authors: Gordo, P. M. 
Marques, M. F. Ferreira 
Gil, C. Lopes 
Lima, A. P. de 
Lavareda, G. 
Carvalho, C. Nunes de 
Amaral, A. 
Kajcsos, Zs. 
Keywords: Variable-energy positron annihilation; Doppler broadening; Constant photocurrent method; Defects; Density of states
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Radiation Physics and Chemistry. 76:2 (2007) 220-223
Abstract: Defect structure of hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-films was studied by positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS), whereas the density of states below the Fermi level was measured by constant photocurrent method (CPM). Divacancies and large vacancy clusters were identified as the main defects present in these films, with relative concentrations strongly dependent on the rf-power. Correlation between PAS, CPM results and I(V) characteristics of solar cells suggests the creation of energy levels above the Fermi energy, not observable by CPM, related to large vacancy clusters.
Rights: openAccess
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