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Title: A methodology development for the study of near surface stress gradients
Authors: Marques, M. J. 
Dias, A. M. 
Gergaud, P. 
Lebrun, J. L. 
Keywords: Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction; Residual stress gradients; PVD chromium film
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Materials Science and Engineering A. 287:1 (2000) 78-86
Abstract: A modification of the geometry used in the sin2 [psi] technique of X-ray diffraction is described. A modified equation for residual stress determination, including geometric adapted Fij, is presented. This method allows near surface stress gradients determination and is called pseudo-grazing incidence method. The limits of the new technique were first tested on different powder materials with X-ray radiation produced by conventional tubes and by a synchrotron radiation source. The technique was finally applied for the determination of a residual stress profile in a polished molybdenum surface before and after the deposition of a PVD chromium film.
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