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Title: An experimental model for mixed friction during running-in
Authors: Nogueira, I. 
Dias, A. M. 
Gras, R. 
Progri, R. 
Keywords: Running-in; Hydrodynamic parameter; Friction; Lubrication regimes
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Wear. 253:5-6 (2002) 541-549
Abstract: Mechanical engineering often uses fluid lubrication to limit friction. Even in the presence of a lubricant, metallic contact between the sliding surfaces may readily occur. In running-in, the oil film thickness can be so thin that contact arises at the summit of asperities, thus, increasing both the friction coefficient and wear. Such regimes are the so-called mixed or boundary lubrication. In these situations, the friction coefficient varies continuously and it is therefore, necessary to calculate the friction coefficient at any given moment.
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