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Title: Modelling the effect of HAZ undermatching on the crack-tip stress distribution in idealized welds
Authors: Rodrigues, D. M. 
Menezes, L. F. 
Loureiro, A. 
Keywords: Elastoplasticity; Numerical simulation; Heat-affected zone
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 46:10 (2004) 1481-1488
Abstract: In order to study the influence of the heat-affected zone softening on the fracture behaviour of welds with cracks in the weld metal centre line, a large variety of weld geometries and undermatch conditions of the heat affected zone mechanical properties, relative to the weld metal and base material, were addressed in this study. With this aim, the opening stress distribution in notched welded specimens was analysed using the numerical simulation of the three-point bending test. The numerical results show a reduction in the stress levels ahead of the crack tip for welded specimens with severe heat-affected zone undermatch. The stress distribution is strongly influenced by the crack position relative to the weld material/heat-affected zone interface, independently of heat-affected zone width.
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