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Title: Experiments with free concept generation in Divago
Authors: Pereira, Francisco C. 
Cardoso, Amílcar 
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Knowledge-Based Systems. 19:7 (2006) 459-470
Abstract: This paper presents a set of experiments we carried out with, Divago, a system that is an attempt to implement our ideas towards a computational model of creativity. It is expected to be able to generate novel concepts out of previous knowledge. Here we show its behaviour with a large dataset constructed independently by other researchers consisting of over 170 nouns (for a project named C3). Each noun is represented with a syntax that is equivalent to the one adopted for Divago. We apply a two step experimentation procedure, which starts by "training" the system with "preferred outcomes" and then allowing it to do free generation, constrained by the pragmatic goal of a given query. We evaluate the results and make a short discussion regarding well-defined criteria of novelty and usefulness. We also present a comparison with a similar experiment done with C3.
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