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Title: Peopling, demographic history and genetic structure of the Azores Islands: Integrating data from mtDNA and Y-chromosome
Authors: Santos, Cristina 
Montiel, Rafael 
Bettencourt, Conceição 
Prata, M. João 
Abade, Augusto 
Aluja, M. Pilar 
Lima, Manuela 
Keywords: Azores Islands (Portugal); Population structure; Demographic history
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: International Congress Series. 1288:(2006) 85-87
Abstract: We have conducted studies to assess the variability of mtDNA and Y-chromosome markers in the Azores Islands (Portugal) and found that, for both genetic systems, the Azores, as a whole, fit well into the pattern of variation described for other Western European populations. Phylogeographic analysis of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) showed a major contribution from Mainland Portugal, as well as evidences of influxes from Northern Europeans, Africans and Jewish groups. Characterization of markers on the non-recombining region of the Y-chromosome (NRY) has shown a main component of European lineages as well as the presence of North African chromosomes, in frequencies similar to those described for Mainland Portugal. On the other hand, both mtDNA and NRY analyses have evidenced differential demographic histories for the three groups of islands forming the archipelago.
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