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Title: Arte, tecnologia e propriedade intelectual
Authors: Pereira, Alexandre Libório Dias 
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Ordem dos Advogados
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Ordem dos Advogados
Abstract: 1. O acolhimento da teoria dos property rights na directiva sobre direitos de autor na sociedade da informação. 2. A problemática natureza jurídica dos direitos de autor. 3. Arte, técnica e propriedade intelectual. 4. Segredos de empresa, propriedade e concorrência desleal. 5. Right of Publicity, bens da personalidade e propriedade. 6. Direitos conexos ao direito de autor e liberdade de criação cultural. 7. Os dois ramos da propriedade intelectual na árvore proprietária do Código Civil. 8. Um tertium genus de direitos de propriedade intelectual? 9. A fragmentação conceptual da propriedade.
Description: Art, Technology and Intellectual Property. This article explores the reception of the theory of property rights by the European directive on copyright and related rights in the information society. It addresses the problem of the legal nature of copyright and other intellectual property rights, having in consideration the traditional dichotomy of copyright protection for arts and literature and industrial property protection for technical and utilitarian creations and distinctive signs. Moreover, it is also questioned the existence of an open system of intellectual property rights reinforced by the protection of unfair competition, covering namely trade-secrets and companies’s good-will. Another issue addressed in this paper is the relationship between the protection of personality rights in Civil Law systems and intellectual property rights, considering the so-called Right of publicity. Furthermore, it is essayed to attach the protection of neighbouring rights to the protection of the constitutional freedom of cultural creation. Finally, it is argued that the two branches of intellectual property of the Civil Code proprietary tree do not exhaust all the forms of intellectual property rights, since a tertium genus of IP rights is emerging, although it implies a conceptual fragmentation of property
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