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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
18-Aug-2022Color Polymorphs of ROY-olNogueira, Bernardo A. ; Lopes, Susana M. M. ; Milani, Alberto ; André, Vânia; Paixão, José A. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S.; Melo, Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e ; Duarte, M. Teresa; Castiglioni, Chiara ; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess
2019Photon momentum transfer at water/air interfaces under total internal reflectionSchaberle, Fábio A. ; Reis, Luís A. ; Serpa, Carlos ; Arnaut, Luís G. articleopenAccess
2020Multifunctionalization of cyanuric chloride for the stepwise synthesis of potential multimodal imaging chemical entitiesCalvete, Mário J. F. ; Pinto, Sara M. A. ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Castro, M. Margarida C. A. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
15-Aug-2022New Advances in Biomedical Application of Polymeric MicellesFigueiras, Ana ; Domingues, Cátia ; Jarak, Ivana ; Santos, Ana Isabel ; Parra, Ana ; Pais, Alberto ; Alvarez-Lorenzo, Carmen ; Concheiro, Angel ; Kabanov, Alexander; Cabral, Horacio; Veiga, Francisco articleopenAccess
4-Apr-2022IR-induced and tunneling reactions in cryogenic matrices: the (incomplete) story of a successful endeavorFausto, Rui ; Ildiz, Gulce O; Nunes, Cláudio M articleembargoedAccess
14-Apr-2022Photochromism of a Spiropyran in Low-Temperature Matrices: Unprecedented Bidirectional Switching between a Merocyanine and an Allene IntermediateNunes, Cláudio M ; Pereira, Nelson A M ; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
7-Jun-2022Conformational Structure, Infrared Spectra and Light-Induced Transformations of Thymol Isolated in Noble Gas CryomatricesJesus, A. J. Lopes ; Nunes, Cláudio Manaia ; Reva, Igor articleopenAccess
29-Jul-2021Evidence of IR-Induced Chemistry in a Neat Solid: Tautomerization of Thiotropolone by Thermal, Electronic, and Vibrational ExcitationsPereira, Nelson A M ; Nunes, Cláudio M ; Reva, Igor ; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
21-Sep-2021Inducing molecular reactions by selective vibrational excitation of a remote antenna with near-infrared lightNunes, Cláudio M ; Pereira, Nelson A M ; Viegas, Luís P; Pinho e Melo, Teresa M V D ; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
18-Mar-2021Spin-forbidden heavy-atom tunneling in the ring-closure of triplet cyclopentane-1,3-diylViegas, Luís P; Nunes, Cláudio M ; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
2021Switching on H-Tunneling through Conformational ControlRoque, José P L; Nunes, Cláudio M ; Viegas, Luís P; Pereira, Nelson A M ; Pinho e Melo, Teresa M V D ; Schreiner, Peter R; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
7-Dec-2019Selective conformational control by excitation of NH imino vibrational antennasGóbi, Sándor ; Reva, Igor ; Csonka, István Pál; Nunes, Cláudio M ; Tarczay, György; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
1-Oct-2020Bond-Breaking/Bond-Forming Reactions by Vibrational Excitation: Infrared-Induced Bidirectional Tautomerization of Matrix-Isolated ThiotropoloneNunes, Cláudio M ; Pereira, Nelson A M ; Reva, Igor ; Amado, Patrícia S M; Cristiano, Maria L S; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
2021UV-Induced Photochemistry of 1,3-Benzoxazole, 2-Isocyanophenol, and 2-Cyanophenol Isolated in Low-Temperature Ar MatrixesReva, Igor ; Jesus, A. J. Lopes ; Nunes, Cláudio M ; Roque, José P L; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
2019Competitive Nitrogen versus Carbon TunnelingNunes, Cláudio M ; Eckhardt, André K; Reva, Igor ; Fausto, Rui ; Schreiner, Peter RarticleembargoedAccess
21-Aug-2019S-H rotamerization via tunneling in a thiol form of thioacetamideGóbi, Sándor ; Nunes, Cláudio M ; Reva, Igor ; Tarczay, György; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
23-May-2019Effects of Entangled IR Radiation and Tunneling on the Conformational Interconversion of 2-CyanophenolJesus, A. J. Lopes ; Nunes, Cláudio M. ; Reva, Igor ; Pinto, Sandra M V; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
7-Dec-2019Conformational isomerizations triggered by vibrational excitation of second stretching overtonesNunes, Cláudio M. ; Reva, Igor ; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
2021Photochemistry of 1-Phenyl-4-Allyl-Tetrazol-5-One: A Theoretical Study Contribution towards Mechanism ElucidationDuque-Prata, Amilcar ; Serpa, Carlos ; Caridade, Pedro J. S. B. articleopenAccess
20212-Chloro-4,6-bis{(E)-3-methoxy-4-[(4-methoxybenzyl)oxy]styryl}pyrimidine: Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Computational EvaluationChaves, Otávio Augusto ; Sueth-Santiago, Vitor; Pinto, Douglas Chaves de Alcântara; Netto-Ferreira, José Carlos; Decote-Ricardo, Debora; Lima, Marco Edilson Freire dearticleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 135