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Title: Single-Step Creation of Localized Delaunay Triangulations
Authors: Araújo, Filipe 
Rodrigues, Luís 
Keywords: Wireless communication; Routing protocols; Delaunay triangulation
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Univesity of Coimbra. Centre for Informatics and Systems
Citation: ARAÚJO, Filipe; RODRIGUES, Luís - Single-Step Creation of Localized Delaunay Triangulations. Coimbra : CISUC, 2006. (CISUC, TR-3)
Serial title, monograph or event: Single-Step Creation of Localized Delaunay Triangulations
Place of publication or event: Coimbra
Abstract: A localized Delaunay triangulation owns the following interesting properties for sensor and wireless ad hoc networks: it can be built with localized information, the communication cost imposed by control information is limited, and it supports geographical routing algorithms that offer guaranteed convergence. This paper presents two localized algorithms, FLDT1 and FLDT2, that build a graph called planar localized Delaunay triangulation, P LDel, known to be a good spanner of the Unit Disk Graph, UDG. Our algorithms improve previous algorithms with similar theoretical bounds in the following aspects: unlike previous work, FLDT1 and FLDT2 build P LDel in a single communication step, maintaining a communication cost of O(n log n), which is within a constant of the optimal. Additionally, we show that FLDT1 is more robust than previous triangulation algorithms, because it does not require the strict UDG connectivity model to work. The small signaling cost of our algorithms allows us to improve routing performance, by efficiently using the P LDel graph instead of sparser graphs, like the Gabriel or the Relative Neighborhood graphs.
ISSN: 0874-338X
Rights: openAccess
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