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Title: Changes in Functional Fitness, Mood States and Salivary IgA Levels after Exercise Training for 19 Weeks in Elderly Subjects
Authors: Teixeira, Ana Maria 
Martins, Raul 
Martins, Mafalda 
Cunha, Maria do Rosário 
Keywords: Mucosal immunity; Salivary IgA; Mood states; Aging; Functional fitness
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Korea Institute of Sport Science
Citation: International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences. 20:2 (2008) 16-26.
Serial title, monograph or event: International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences
Issue: 2
Abstract: This study analysed the influence of a 19 week exercise program in the functional fitness, salivary IgA and mood states of an elderly population. Thirty three subjects with ambulatory capacity and without any medical contraindications to exercise aged between 68 and 95 years old participated and were distributed into 2 groups: 15 subjects performed aerobic exercise that included low-impact rhythmic work sequences with music, three times a week, and 18 remained sedentary. The exercising group attained improvements in all components of functional fitness with significant differences registered for aerobic endurance, lower and upper body strength. The exercising group also showed improvements in the mood states, with statistically significant less depression, less tension, less fatigue, more vigour and less anger. On the other hand, the sedentary control group showed an increase in confusion and a loss of vigour. For the exercising group salivary IgA levels were higher after the 19 week exercise program with no changes for the control group. This study shows a positive effect of exercise on physical, psychological and mucosal immune parameters in elderly populations which may improve quality of life
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