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Title: Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter with Xenon and Xenon Mixtures
Authors: Conde, C. A. N. 
Policarpo, A. J. P. L. 
Alves, M. A. F. 
Issue Date: 1968
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 15:3 (1968) 84-91
Abstract: The light output of the recently developed gas proportional scintillation counter - a gas scintillation counter with light multiplication produced by a cylindrical geometry electric field - is investigated for heavy gaseous media under alpha particle excitation with a 56 UVP phototube. The gases used are Xe, and Xe-Ar and Xe-N2 mixtures for a wide range of concentrations, at a total pressure of about 965 Torr. The light output of the Xe-Ar mixtures shifts towards the ultraviolet (¿ ¿ 3250 Å) region as the electric field intensity increases. Xe-Ar mixtures with Xe concentrations ranging from about 1 to 10% give - with a p-quaterphenyl wavelength shifter - a light output more than two orders of magnitude larger than that of a CsI(T1) scintillator. In Xe-N2 mixtures - with wavelength shifter - nitrogen has a quenching effect. For the mixtures of noble gases the rise time of the secondary component of the light pulse is slow, typically 15 ¿s. Methane and nitrogen while having a quenching effect, reduce this rise time
ISSN: 0018-9499
Rights: openAccess
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