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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017Direct dark matter search with the CRESST-III experiment - status and perspectivesWillers, M. ; Angloher, G. ; Bento, A. ; Bucci, C. ; Canonica, L; Defay, X; Erb, A. ; Feilitzsch, F v; Iachellini, N Ferreiro; Gütlein, A. ; Gorla, P; Hauff, D. ; Jochum, J. ; Kiefer, M. ; Kluck, H; Kraus, H; Lanfranchi, J.-C. ; Loebell, J; Mancuso, M; Münster, A. ; Pagliarone, C; Petricca, F. ; Potzel, W. ; Pröbst, F. ; Puig, R; Reindl, F. ; Schäffner, K. ; Schieck, J; S. Schönert ; Seidel, W. ; Stahlberg, M; Stodolsky, L. ; Strandhagen, C. ; Strauß, R. ; Tanzke, A. ; Thi, H H Trinh; Türkoǧlu, C; Uffinger, M; Ulrich, A. ; Usherov, I. ; Wawoczny, S. ; Wüstrich, M; Zöller, A. articleopenAccess
2017Environmental preservation of emerging parabens contamination: effect of Ag and Pt loading over the catalytic efficiency of TiO 2 during photocatalytic ozonationGomes, J. ; Lopes, A. ; Bednarczyk, K.; Gmurek, M.; Stelmachowski, M.; Zaleska-Medynska, A.; Quinta-Ferreira, M. E. ; Costa, R. ; Quinta-Ferreira, R. M. ; Martins, R. C. articleopenAccess
2018The inquisitorial censorship of Amatus Lusitanus CenturiaeRodrigues, Isilda ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
2018Assessment of Human Corneas Prior to Transplantation Using High-Resolution Two-Photon ImagingBatista, Ana; Breunig, Hans Georg; König, Aisada; Schindele, Andreas; Hager, Tobias; Seitz, Berthold; Morgado, António Miguel ; König, KarstenarticleopenAccess
2019Alguns contributos das ciências para a investigação de obras de arteCatarino, Lídia Maria Gil ; Gil, Francisco Paulo de Sá Campos articleopenAccess
2019Erratum to: Geant4-based electromagnetic background model for the CRESST dark matter experimentAbdelhameed, A. H.; Angloher, G. ; Bauer, P.; Bento, A. ; Bertoldo, E.; Breier, R.; Bucci, C. ; Canonica, L.; D’Addabbo, A.; Lorenzo, S. Di; Erb, A. ; Feilitzsch, F. v.; Iachellini, N. Ferreiro; Fichtinger, S.; Fuss, A.; Gorla, P.; Hauff, D. ; Jes̆kovský, M.; Jochum, J. ; Kaizer, J.; Kinast, A.; Kluck, H.; Kraus, H.; Langenkämper, A.; Mancuso, M.; Mokina, V.; Mondragón, E.; Olmi, M.; Ortmann, T.; Pagliarone, C.; Palus̆ová, V.; Pattavina, L.; Petricca, F. ; Potzel, W. ; Povinec, P.; Pröbst, F. ; Reindl, F. ; Rothe, J.; Schäffner, K. ; Schieck, J.; Schipperges, V.; Schmiedmayer, D.; Schönert, S.; Schwertner, C.; Stahlberg, M.; Stodolsky, L. ; Strandhagen, C. ; Strauß, R. ; Türkoğlu, C.; Usherov, I. ; Willers, M. ; Zema, V.; Zeman, J.articleopenAccess
13-Apr-2020Image quality of compressive single-pixel imaging using different Hadamard orderingsVaz, Pedro G. ; Amaral, Daniela ; Ferreira, L. F. Requicha ; Morgado, Miguel ; Cardoso, João articleopenAccess
Aug-2022Dual PET-fMRI reveals a link between neuroinflammation, amyloid binding and compensatory task-related brain activity in Alzheimer’s diseaseCanário, Nádia; Jorge, Lília; Martins, Ricardo ; Santana, Isabel ; Castelo Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess
2022Search for flavour-changing neutral-current interactions of a top quark and a gluon in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detectorFiolhais, M. C. N.; Gonçalo, R.; Veloso, F. ; Wolters, H. ; Atlas Colaboration; et al.articleopenAccess
20-Nov-2020Search for trilepton resonances from chargino and neutralino pair production in s = 13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detectorAad, G.; Veloso, F. ; ATLAS CollaborationarticleopenAccess
2021New Insights on the Vibrational Dynamics of 2-Methoxy-, 4-Methoxy- and 4-Ethoxy-Benzaldehyde from INS Spectra and Periodic DFT CalculationsRibeiro-Claro, Paulo J. A. ; Vaz, Pedro D. ; Nolasco, Mariela M. ; Gil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista de ; Catarro, Maria Paula M. Marques ; Amado, Ana M. articleopenAccess
10-Oct-2018The early scientific work (1976-200) of E.K.U. GrossFiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
2017Os diálogos filosóficos do padre Teodoro de AlmeidaFiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
2016Lattice Gluon and Ghost Propagators, and the Strong Coupling in Pure SU(3) Yang-Mills Theory: Finite Lattice Spacing and Volume EffectsAnthony G. Duarte ; Oliveira, Orlando ; Paulo J. Silva articleopenAccess
16-Nov-2017The role of the transition state in muon implantationVilão, R. C. ; Vieira, R. B. L. ; Alberto, H. V. ; Gil, J. M. ; Weidinger, A. articleopenAccess
19-Oct-2016Influence of the vector interaction and an external magnetic field on the isentropes near the chiral critical end pointCosta, Pedro articleopenAccess
Mar-1998Shell effects on fission barriers of metallic clusters : a systematic descriptionVieira, Armando ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
2014Berimbau: A simple instrument for teaching basic concepts in the physics and psychoacoustics of musicVilão, Rui C. ; Melo, Santino L. S. articleopenAccess
Aug-2015The muonium donor in rutile TiO2 and comparison with hydrogenVilão, R. C. ; Vieira, R. B. L. ; Alberto, H. V. ; Gil, J. M. ; Weidinger, A. ; Lichti, R. L. ; Baker, B. B. ; Mengyan, P. W. ; Lord, J. S. articleopenAccess
26-Sep-2016Isolated hydrogen configurations in zirconia as seen by muon spin spectroscopy and ab initio calculationsVieira, R. B. L. ; Vilão, R. C. ; Marinopoulos, A. G. ; Gordo, P. M. ; Paixão, J. A. ; Alberto, H. V. ; Gil, J. M. ; Weidinger, A. ; Lichti, R. L. ; Baker, B. ; Mengyan, P. W. ; Lord, J. S. articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 477