Bagnato, Alessandra

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Bagnato, Alessandra
Dr.Alessandra Bagnato is a research scientist and the Head of Modelio Research Unit in Softeam Software (Docaposte Group). She holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from TELECOM SudParis and Université Evry Val d’Essonne, France and a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Genoa, Italy. At SOFTEAM, she leads the Softeam Software Modelio team research activities around innovative model-driven engineering methods in Modelio workbench in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems, Cloud and Big Data (like H2020 MORPHEMIC, H2020 Databio, H2020 CPSwarm, H2020 QRapids, H2020 CROSSMINER), GDPR and Privacy (H2020 PoSeID-on) and on measuring software engineering (ITEA 3 MEASURE). She has been at TXT Corporate Research Division headquartered in Milan, Italy from 1999 till September 2012 as Project Coordinator, Project Manager and/or Technical Leader in several European research projects related to embedded systems design, software/service development and security. Among them she was coordinator of project MADES, Model-based methods and tools for Avionics and surveillance embeddeDSystEmS ( In Softeam since October 2012, she also led the Exploitation efforts within the FITTEST (Future Internet Testing) project and the case studies and dissemination of FP7 project OSSMETER (Automated Measurement and Analysis of Open Source Software). She was involved in the FP7 project MONDO (Scalable Modelling and Model Management on the Cloud, and on H2020 project INTO-CPS (Integrated Tool Chain for Model-based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems, She was the project coordinator of ITEA 3 MEASURE project (Measuring Software Engineering, and the project innovation manager and modeling environment responsible in the H2020 CPSwarm on Swarm of Cyber Phisical Systems ( and led the team work in H2020 CROSSMINER on Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories where she leads the integration work and on the Eurostars E*MODELS ( System modeling and design exploration of applications for heterogeneous and parallel platforms,
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1Mar-2020Workshop on Privacy Challenges in Public and Private OrganizationsBagnato, Alessandra ; Silva, Paulo; Alaqra, Ala Sarah ; Ermis, Orhan bookPartopenAccess
26-Mar-2020Workshop on Privacy Challenges in Public and Private OrganizationsBagnato, Alessandra ; Silva, Paulo Miguel Guimarães da ; Alaqra, Ala Sarah ; Ermis, Orhan bookPartembargoedAccess