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Nikitin, Timur
Nikitin, T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
116-Jun-2020Matrix isolation study of methyl propiolate in argon and nitrogen matricesLopes, Susy ; Nikitin, Timur ; Rui Fausto articleembargoedAccess
215-Mar-2018Self-assembled diphenylalanine peptide microtubes covered by reduced graphene oxide/spiky nickel nanocomposite: An integrated nanobiomaterial for multifunctional applicationsIvanov, M. S. ; Khomchenko, V. A. ; Salimian, M.; Nikitin, T. ; Kopyl, S. ; Buryakov, A. M. ; Mishina, E. D. ; Salehli, F. ; A.A.P. Marques, P. ; Gonçalves, G.articleopenAccess
35-Nov-2020Structural, spectroscopic, and photochemical study of ethyl propiolate isolated in cryogenic argon and nitrogen matricesLopes, S. ; Nikitin, Timur ; Rui Fausto articleembargoedAccess