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Reis, Marco S.
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12013An experimental design methodology to evaluate the importance of different parameters on flocculation by polyelectrolytesPinheiro, Ineide ; Ferreira, Paulo J. ; Garcia, Fernando A. ; Reis, Marco S. ; Pereira, Ana C. ; Wandrey, Christine ; Ahmadloo, Hamideh ; Amaral, José L. ; Hunkeler, David ; Rasteiro, Maria G. articleopenAccess
22004A comparative study of linear regression methods in noisy environmentsReis, Marco S. ; Saraiva, Pedro M. articleopenAccess
315-Jun-2013Defining the structure of DPCA models and its impact on process monitoring and prediction activitiesRato, Tiago J. ; Reis, Marco S. articleopenAccess
4Dec-2005Different Modeling Approaches for a Heterogeneous Liquid-Liquid Reaction ProcessQuadros, Paulo A. ; Reis, Marco S. ; Baptista, Cristina M. S. G. articleopenAccess
515-Jun-2013Fault detection in the Tennessee Eastman benchmark process using dynamic principal components analysis based on decorrelated residuals (DPCA-DR)Rato, Tiago J. ; Reis, Marco S. articleopenAccess
62006Heteroscedastic latent variable modelling with applications to multivariate statistical process controlReis, Marco S. ; Saraiva, Pedro M. articleopenAccess
72005Integration of data uncertainty in linear regression and process optimizationReis, Marco S. ; Saraiva, Pedro M. articleopenAccess
82008Multiscale statistical process control using wavelet packetsReis, Marco S. ; Saraiva, Pedro M. ; Bakshi, Bhavik R. articleopenAccess
92006Multiscale statistical process control with multiresolution dataReis, Marco S. ; Saraiva, Pedro M. articleopenAccess
102005Paper superficial waviness: Conception and implementation of an industrial statistical measurement systemCosta, Raquel ; Angélico, Dina ; Reis, Marco S. ; Ataíde, José M. ; Saraiva, Pedro M. articleopenAccess
112014Sensitivity enhancing transformations for monitoring the process correlation structureRato, Tiago J. ; Reis, Marco S. articleopenAccess
122009Wavelet texture analysis of on-line acquired images for paper formation assessment and monitoringReis, Marco S. ; Bauer, Armin articleopenAccess