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Azevedo, J. M. M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Evaluation of groundwater quality based on radiological and hydrochemical data from two uraniferous regions of Western Iberia: Nisa (Portugal) and Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain)Pereira, A. J. S. C. ; Pereira, M. D. ; Neves, L. J. P. F. ; Azevedo, J. M. M. ; Campos, A. B. A. articleopenAccess
22011Patterns of grain-size temporal variation of sediment transported by overland flow associated with moving storms: interpreting soil flume experimentsLima, J. L. M. P. ; Dinis, P. A. ; Souza, C. S. ; Lima, M. I. P. ; Cunha, P. P. ; Azevedo, J. M. ; Singh, V. P. ; Abreu, J. M. articleopenAccess
31999Volcanic gaps and subaerial records ofpalaeo-sea-levels on Flores Island (Azores): tectonic andmorphological implicationsAzevedo, J. M. M. ; Ferreira, M. R. Portugal articleopenAccess
42006The volcanotectonic evolution of Flores Island, Azores (Portugal)Azevedo, J. M. M. ; Ferreira, M. R. Portugal articleopenAccess