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Pais, M. A.
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Pais, Maria Alexandra Albuquerque Faria
Pais, M. Alexandra
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Differences between tangential geostrophy and columnar flowAmit, Hagay ; Pais, Maria Alexandra articleopenAccess
2Sep-2014Dynamic Mode Decomposition Method -application to the Earth's liquid coreDomingos, João Miguel Rosa masterThesisopenAccess
37-Mar-2018Global and mid-latitude impact of ten years of solar activity using observational data of the geophysical and astronomical observatory of the University of CoimbraCastillo Rosales, Yvelice Soraya doctoralThesisopenAccess
42008Mars environment and magnetic orbiter model payloadLanglais, B. ; Leblanc, F. ; Fouchet, T. ; Barabash, S. ; Breuer, D. ; Chassefière, E. ; Coates, A. ; Dehant, V. ; Forget, F. ; Lammer, H. ; Lewis, S. ; Lopez-Valverde, M. ; Mandea, M. ; Menvielle, M. ; Pais, A. ; Paetzold, M. ; Read, P. ; Sotin, C. ; Tarits, P. ; Vennerstrom, S. ; Branduardi-Raymont, G. ; Cremonese, G. ; Merayo, J. ; Ott, T. ; Rème, H. ; Trotignon, J. ; Walhund, J. articleopenAccess
5Jul-2011Modeling the magnetic field of mercuryOliveira, Joana masterThesisopenAccess
62015A modified Equivalent Source Dipole method to model partially distributed magnetic field measurements, with application to MercuryOliveira, J. S. ; Langlais, B. ; Pais, M. A. ; Amit, H. articleopenAccess
728-Jul-2020Preliminary study of the sensitivity to geomagnetic storms of the power network substations in Portugal south regionFrancisco, Cristiana Filipa PereiramasterThesisopenAccess
82013Temporal Evolution of Sunspot Areas and Estimation of Related Plasma FlowsGafeira, R. ; Fonte, C. C. ; Pais, M. A. ; Fernandes, J. articleopenAccess
92017The South Atlantic Anomaly throughout the solar cycleDomingos, João ; Jault, Dominique ; Pais, Maria Alexandra ; Mandea, Mioara articleopenAccess
102015Time-correlated patterns from spherical harmonic expansions: Application to geomagnetismPais, M. A. ; Alberto, P. ; Pinheiro, F. J. G. articleopenAccess
112015TRAGALDABAS: A new high resolution detector for the regular study of cosmic raysAlvarez-Pol, H ; Blanco, A. ; Blanco, J. J. ; Collazo, J. ; Fonte, P. ; Garzón, J. A. ; Gómez, A. ; Kornakov, G. ; Kurtukian, T. ; Lopes, L. ; Morales, M. ; Morozova, A. ; Pais, M. A. ; Palka, M. ; Muñuzuri, V. Pérez ; Rey, P. ; Ribeiro, P. ; Seco, M. ; Taboada, J. articleopenAccess
122014TRAGALDABAS: a new RPC based detector for the regular study of cosmic raysBlanco, A. ; Blanco, J. J. ; Collazo, J. ; Fonte, P. ; Garzón, J. A. ; Gómez, A. ; Kornakov, G. ; Kurtukian, T. ; Agüera, A. López ; López, J. M. ; Lópes, L. ; Morales, M. ; Morozova, A. ; Mouriño, J. C. ; Pais, M. A. ; Palka, M. ; Muñuzuri, V. Pérez ; Ribeiro, P. ; Cabo, I. Rodríguez ; Sosa, I. ; Taboada, J. articleopenAccess
1319-Jun-2014Variability modes in core flows inverted from geomagnetic field modelsPais, M. A. ; Anna Morozova ; Nathanaël Schaeffer articleopenAccess