Santos, Maria Sancha de Jesus Vieira dos

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Santos, Maria Sancha de Jesus Vieira dos
Santos, M. S.
Santos, Sancha
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11999Alterations of liver mitochondrial bioenergetics in diabetic Goto-Kakizaki ratsFerreira, F. M. L. ; Palmeira, C. M. ; Seiça, R. ; Santos, M. S. articleopenAccess
22002Chromium(VI) interaction with plant and animal mitochondrial bioenergetics: A comparative studyFernandes, M. A. S. ; Santos, M. S. ; Alpoim, M. C. ; Madeira, V. M. C. ; Vicente, J. A. F. articleopenAccess
32001Decreased Susceptibility of Heart Mitochondria from Diabetic GK Rats to Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Induced by Calcium PhosphateOliveira, Paulo ; Rolo, Anabela ; Seiça, R. ; Palmeira, Carlos ; Santos, M. S. ; Moreno, António articleopenAccess
41999Decreased susceptibility to lipid peroxidation of Goto-Kakizaki rats: Relationship to mitochondrial antioxidant capacityFerreira, F. M. L. ; Palmeira, C. M. ; Matos, M. J. ; Seiça, R. ; Santos, M. S. articleopenAccess
52003Diabetes and mitochondrial oxidative stress: A study using heart mitochondria from the diabetic Goto-Kakizaki ratSantos, Dario Loureiro ; Palmeira, Carlos Marques ; Seiça, Raquel ; Dias, José ; Mesquita, José ; Moreno, Antonio Joaquim ; Santos, Maria Sancha articleopenAccess
61999Distinct Glycolysis Inhibitors Determine Retinal Cell Sensitivity to Glutamate-Mediated InjuryRego, Ana Cristina ; Areias, Filipe ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Oliveira, Catarina articleopenAccess
71998Effect of Glucose Deprivation and Acute Glutamate Exposure in Cultured Retinal CellsRego, Ana Cristina ; Areias, Filipe Miguel ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Oliveira, Catarina R. articleopenAccess
82006Effects of hyperglycemia on sperm and testicular cells of Goto-Kakizaki and streptozotocin-treated rat models for diabetesAmaral, Sandra ; Moreno, António J. ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Seiça, Raquel ; Ramalho-Santos, João articleopenAccess
9Jun-2001Functional mitochondria are required for amyloid beta-mediated neurotoxicityCardoso, Sandra Morais ; Santos, Sancha ; Swerdlow, Russell H. ; Oliveira, Catarina R. articleopenAccess
102001Glutamate regulates the viability of retinal cells in cultureRego, A. Cristina ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Areias, Filipe ; Proença, Teresa ; Oliveira, Catarina R. articleopenAccess
111999Glutamate-mediated inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation in cultured retinal cellsRego, Ana Cristina ; Sancha Santos, Maria ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
121999Higher efficiency of the liver phosphorylative system in diabetic Goto-Kakizaki (GK) ratsPalmeira, Carlos M. ; Ferreira, F. M. L. ; Santos, D. L. ; Ceiça, R. ; Suzuki, Ken-ichi ; Santos, M. S. articleopenAccess
132012Impact of H9c2 cardiomyoblast differentiation on isoproterenol toxicity : different modulation of signaling pathwaysBranco, Ana Filipa Roque doctoralThesisopenAccess
142012Impact of H9c2 Cardiomyoblast Differentiation on Isoproterenol Toxicity: Different Modulation of Signaling PathwaysBranco, Ana Filipa Roque doctoralThesisopenAccess
1512-Nov-2007Influence of oxidative stress and type 2 diabetes mellitus on neuronal function and metabolism : the neuroprotective role of insulinDuarte, Ana Isabel Marques doctoralThesisopenAccess
161999Influence of the antioxidants vitamin E and idebenone on retinal cell injury mediated by chemical ischemia, hypoglycemia, or oxidative stressRego, Ana Cristina ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Oliveira, Catarina R. articleopenAccess
171998Influence of vitamin E succinate on retinal cell survivalRego, Ana Cristina ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Proença, Maria Teresa ; Oliveira, Catarina R. articleopenAccess
182003Insulin affects synaptosomal GABA and glutamate transport under oxidative stress conditionsDuarte, Ana Isabel ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Seiça, Raquel ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende de articleopenAccess
1915-Nov-1990Mecanismos de neurossecreção : transporte do ácido gama - aminobutíricoSantos, Maria Sancha de Jesus Vieira dos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
202011Molecular interaction between cocaine and opioids. Implications on Speedball's toxicityCunha-Oliveira, T. ; Silva, L. ; Silva, A. M. ; Santos, M. S. ; Garrido, J. ; Borges, F. ; Rego, A. C. ; Oliveira, C. R. conferenceObjectopenAccess
2118-Dec-2013Phytoestrogens as Alternative to the Hormone Replacement Therapy in Menopause: Cellular and Mitochondrial InteractionsMoreira, Ana Carolina dos Santos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
222014Pre-diabetes alters testicular PGC1-α/SIRT3 axis modulating mitochondrial bioenergetics and oxidative stressRato, Luis ; Duarte, Ana I. ; Tomás, Gonçalo D. ; Santos, M. S. ; Moreira, Paula I. ; Socorro, Silvia ; Cavaco, José E. ; Alves, Marco G. ; Oliveira, Pedro F. articleopenAccess
232013Resveratrol affects differently rat liver and brain mitochondrial bioenergetics and oxidative stress in vitro: Investigation of the role of genderMoreira, Ana C. ; Silva, Ana M. ; Santos, M. S. ; Sardão, Vilma A. articleopenAccess
242012Role of p66shc signaling on doxorubicin-induced cardiac mitochondrial dysfunctionSampaio, Susana Filipa Pereira masterThesisopenAccess
252013The antiestrogen 4-hydroxytamoxifen protects against isotretinoin-induced permeability transition and bioenergetic dysfunction of liver mitochondria: comparison with tamoxifenSilva, Filomena S. G. ; Ribeiro, Mariana P. C. ; Santos, M. S. ; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila ; Santos-Silva, Alice ; Custódio, José B. A. articleopenAccess
2619-Nov-2014The involvement of mitochondrial fission, fusion and biogenesis and autophagy in the diabetic brainSantos, Renato Xavier doctoralThesisopenAccess
2714-Mar-2014TRAP1 regulation of mitochondrial homeostasis and cellular quality controlBarbosa, Inês Biscaia de Andrade doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
282013UCP2 and ANT differently modulate proton-leak in brain mitochondria of long-term hyperglycemic and recurrent hypoglycemic ratsCardoso, Susana ; Santos, M. S. ; Moreno, A. J. M. ; Moreira, Paula I. articleopenAccess