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Rasteiro, M. G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008CFD simulation of the turbulent flow of pulp fibre suspensionsVentura, C. A. F. ; Garcia, F. A. P. ; Ferreira, P. J. ; Rasteiro, M. G. conferenceObjectopenAccess
22014Chang-Hsieh-Chen low-Reynolds k-ε turbulence model adaptation to study the flow of concentrated pulp suspension in pipesCotas, C. ; Garcia, F. ; Ferreira, P. ; Faia, P. ; Asendrych, D. ; Rasteiro, M. G. conferenceObjectopenAccess
32007Crystalline phase characterization of glass-ceramic glazesRasteiro, M. G. ; Gassman, Tiago ; Santos, R. ; Antunes, E. articleopenAccess
42008Evaluation of flocs resistance and reflocculation capacity using the LDS techniqueRasteiro, M. G. ; Garcia, F. A. P. ; Ferreira, P. ; Blanco, A. ; Negro, C. ; Antunes, E. articleopenAccess
52010Evaluation of Polyelectrolyte Performance on PCC Flocculation Using the LDS TechniqueAntunes, E. ; Ferreira, P. ; Rasteiro, M. G. ; Garcia, F. A. P. articleclosedAccess
6Feb-2010Flocculation by Cationic Polyelectrolytes: Relating Efficiency with Polyelectrolyte CharacteristicsRasteiro, M. G. ; Garcia, F. A. P. ; Ferreira, P. J. ; Antunes, E. ; Hunkeler, D. ; Wandrey, C. articleclosedAccess
7Oct-2008Flocculation of PCC filler in papermaking: Influence of the particle characteristicsAntunes, E. ; Garcia, F. A. P. ; Ferreira, P. ; Rasteiro, M. G. articleclosedAccess
81993Influence of shape on particle size analysisFerreira, P. J. ; Rasteiro, M. G. ; Figueiredo, M. M. articleclosedAccess
91994A new approach to measuring solids concentration in mixing tanksFerreira, P. J. ; Rasteiro, M. G. ; Figueiredo, M. M. articleclosedAccess
102008PVC Paste Rheology: Polymer Properties and Viscoelastic BehaviourTomás, A. ; Rasteiro, M. G. ; Ferreira, L. ; Figueiredo, S. conferenceObjectopenAccess
112009PVC paste rheology: Study of process dependenciesRasteiro, M. G. ; Tomás, A. ; Ferreira, L. ; Figueiredo, S. articleopenAccess
122010Rheology of poly(vinyl chloride) plastisol: Effect of a particular nonionic cosurfactantTomás, A. ; Rasteiro, M. G. ; Gando-Ferreira, L. ; Figueiredo, S. articleopenAccess
13Jul-2011Solution viscosity and flocculation characteristics of linear polymeric flocculants in various mediaChimamkpam, T.O. ; Rasteiro, M.G. ; Garcia, F.A.P. ; Antunes, E. ; Ferreira, P. ; Hunkeler, D. ; Wandrey, C. articleopenAccess
146-May-2007The use of LDS as a tool to evaluate flocculation mechanismsRasteiro, M.G. ; Garcia, F.A.P. ; Ferreira, P. ; Blanco, A. ; Negro, C. ; Antunes, E. articleopenAccess
151-Aug-2013Toxicity of organic and inorganic nanoparticles to four species of white-rot fungiGalindo, T P S ; Pereira, R ; Freitas, A C ; Santos-Rocha, T A P ; Rasteiro, M G ; Antunes, F ; Rodrigues, D; Soares, A M V M ; Gonçalves, F ; Duarte, A C ; Lopes, I articleopenAccess