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Sousa, Lurdes
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Aspects of Algebraic AlgebrasHofmann, Dirk ; Sousa, Lurdes articleopenAccess
22017A calculus of lax fractionsSousa, Lurdes articleembargoedAccess
32015Kan injectivity in order-enriched categoriesAdamek, Jiri ; Sousa, Lurdes ; Velebil, Jiri articleembargoedAccess
42017KZ-monadic categories and their logicAdámek, Jiří ; Sousa, Lurdes articleopenAccess
52005Logic of implicationsAdámek, Jirí ; Sobral, Manuela ; Sousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
62007A logic of implications in algebra and coalgebraAdámek, Jirí ; Sobral, Manuela ; Sousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
72006Morita equivalence of many-sorted algebraic theoriesAdámek, Jirí ; Sobral, Manuela ; Sousa, Lurdes articleopenAccess
82008On boundedness and small-orthogonality classesSousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
92014On Final Coalgebras of Power-Set Functors and Saturated TreesAdámek, Jiří ; Levy, Paul B. ; Milius, Stefan ; Moss, Lawrence S. ; Sousa, Lurdes articleembargoedAccess
102015On Kan-injectivity of Locales and SpacesCarvalho, Margarida ; Sousa, Lurdes articleembargoedAccess
112009On quasi-equations in locally presentable categories II: a logicAdámek, Jirí ; Sousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
122014On the localness of the embedding of algebrasSousa, Lurdes bookPartopenAccess
132007The orthogonal subcategory problem and the small object argumentAdámek, Jirí ; Hébert, Michel ; Sousa, Lurdes preprintopenAccess
142008Protolocalisations of homological categoriesBorceux, Francis ; Clementino, Maria Manuel ; Gran, Marino ; Sousa, Lurdes articleopenAccess
152015Semidirect products of (topological) semi-abelian algebrasClementino, Maria Manuel ; Montoli, Andrea ; Sousa, Lurdes articleembargoedAccess
169-Aug-2013Well-Pointed CoalgebrasAdámek, Jiří ; Milius, Stefan ; Moss, Lawrence S ; Sousa, Lurdes articleopenAccess