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Alves Cardoso, Francisca
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Categorization of Occupation in Documented Skeletal Collections: Its Relevance for the Interpretation of Activity-Related Osseous ChangesPerréard Lopreno, Geneviève ; Alves Cardoso, Francisca ; Assis, Sandra ; Milella, Marco ; Speith, Nivien articleopenAccess
22015Exploring the relationship between entheseal changes and physical activity: A multivariate studyMilella, Marco ; Cardoso, Francisca Alves ; Assis, Sandra ; Lopreno, Geneviève Perréard ; Speith, Nivien articleopenAccess
32016In search of consensus: Terminology for entheseal changes (EC)Villotte, Sébastien ; Assis, Sandra ; Cardoso, Francisca Alves ; Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Mariotti, Valentina ; Milella, Marco ; Pany-Kucera, Doris ; Speith, NarticleembargoedAccess
42018Is differential diagnosis attainable in disarticulated pathological bone remains? A case-study from a late 19th/early 20th century necropolis from Juncal (Porto de Mós, Portugal)Assis, Sandra ; Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Casimiro, Sílvia ; Alves Cardoso, Francisca articleembargoedAccess
52011Lesões músculo-esqueléticas : perspectivas da saúde ocupacional e da paleopatologiaPereira, Carmen Sofia Custódio masterThesisopenAccess
62012Preface to special issue Entheseal Changes and occupation: technical and theoretical advances and their applications.Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Alves Cardoso, Francisca articleopenAccess
72009Workshop in musculoskeletal stress markers (MSM) : limitations and anchievements in the reconstruction of past activity patterns : program-abstract bookSantos, Ana Luísa ; Cardoso, Francisca Alves ; Assis, Sandra ; Villotte, Sébastien bookopenAccess