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Nogueira, Helena
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12016Irregular breakfast habits are associated with children’s increased adiposity and children’s and parents’ lifestyle-related behaviors: a population-based cross-sectional studyRodrigues, Paulo Rogério Melo ; Pereira, Rosangela Alves ; Santana, Ana Margarida Sebastião ; Gama, Augusta ; Carvalhal, Isabel Mourão ; Nogueira, Helena ; Rosado-Marques, Vitor ; Padez, Cristina articleopenAccess
22015Weather and climate versus mortality in Lisbon (Portugal) since the 19th centuryAlcoforado, Maria João ; Marques, David ; Garcia, Ricardo A.C. ; Canário, Paulo ; Nunes, Maria de Fátima ; Nogueira, Helena ; Cravosa, Ana articleopenAccess
32016What is happening to health in the economic downturn? A view of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, PortugalNogueira, Helena articleopenAccess