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Sommer, Rachel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12016Associations between psychological problems and quality of life in pediatric short stature from patients’ and parents’ perspectivesQuitmann, Julia ; Bullinger, Monika ; Sommer, Rachel ; Rohenkohl, Anja ; Silva, Neuza articleopenAccess
2Feb-2018Children's psychosocial functioning and parents' quality of life in paediatric short stature: The mediating role of caregiving stressSilva, Neuza ; Bullinger, Monika ; Sommer, Rachel ; Rohenkohl, Anja ; Witt, Stefanie ; Quitmann, Julia articleembargoedAccess
32016Explaining parent-child (dis)agreement in generic and short stature-specific health-related quality of life reports: do family and social relationships matter?Quitmann, Julia ; Rohenkohl, Anja ; Sommer, Rachel ; Bullinger, Monika ; Silva, Neuza articleopenAccess