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Nunes, Urbano
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12009Applications of information theory, genetic algorithms, and neural models to predict oil flowLudwig Jr., Oswaldo ; Nunes, Urbano ; Araújo, Rui ; Schnitman, Leizer ; Lepikson, Herman Augusto articleopenAccess
21-Dec-2013Automatic sleep staging: a computer assisted approach for optimal combination of features and polysomnographic channelsKhalighi, Sirvan ; Sousa, Teresa ; Pires, Gabriel ; Nunes, Urbano articleopenAccess
32007Data fusion and path-following controllers comparison for autonomous vehiclesNunes, Urbano ; Bento, L. articleopenAccess
426-Jan-2014Eigenvalue decay: a new method for neural network regularizationLudwig, Oswaldo ; Nunes, Urbano ; Araujo, Rui articleopenAccess
52007A Fast Firing Binaural System for Ultrasonic Pattern RecognitionMoita, Fernando ; Lopes, Ana ; Nunes, Urbano articleopenAccess
62002Olfaction-based mobile robot navigationMarques, Lino ; Nunes, Urbano ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess
72006Particle swarm-based olfactory guided searchMarques, Lino ; Nunes, Urbano ; Almeida, A. de articleopenAccess