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Costa, António M. Amorim da
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12006Mean distance of closest approach of ions: Sodium salts in aqueous solutionsRibeiro, Ana C. F. ; Esteso, Miguel A. ; Lobo, Victor M. M. ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Amado, Ana M. ; Costa, António M. Amorim da ; Sobral, Abílio J. F. N. ; Azevedo, Eduarda F. G. ; Ribeiro, Maria A. F. articleopenAccess
22006Para-halogenated benzaldehyde molecules included in cyclodextrins: a combined spectroscopic and thermal analysisRibeiro-Claro, Paulo J. A. ; Costa, António M. Amorim da ; Vueba, Manuel L. ; Pina, M. Eugénia ; Amado, Ana M. articleopenAccess