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Römbke, Jörg
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12000Chronic and toxicokinetic behaviour of lindane (y-hch) in the enchytraeidAmorim, Mónica João de Barros masterThesisopenAccess
22011Defining ecoregions based on soil invertebrates for defining pesticide exposure scenariosMurillo Contreras, Liliana del Carmen masterThesisopenAccess
32008Semi-field methods are a useful tool for the environmental risk assessment of pesticides in soilSchäffer, Andreas ; Brink, Paul van den ; Heimbach, Fred ; Hoy, Simon ; Jong, Frank de ; Römbke, Jörg ; Sousa, José ; Roß-Nickoll, Martina articleopenAccess
42014Toxicity of phenmedipham and carbendazim to Enchytraeus crypticus and Eisenia andrei (Oligochaeta) in Mediterranean soilsChelinho, Sonia ; Domene, Xavier ; Campana, Paolo ; Andrés, Pilar ; Römbke, Jörg ; Sousa, J. P. articleopenAccess