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Allsworth-Jones, Philip
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Análise paleopatológica dos restos ósseos humanos Pré-Colombianos provenientes da Gruta de Belle Air (Jamaica)Santos, Ana Luísa ; Allsworth-Jones, Philip ; Stewart, R. Stefan conferenceObjectopenAccess
22002Pathological evidence in the Pre-Columbian human remains from the Lee Collection (Jamaica)Santos, Ana Luísa ; Allsworth-Jones, Philip ; Rodriques, Esther articleopenAccess
3Sep-2011Recent Archaeological and Anthropological Evidence from Belle Air Cave, JamaicaAllsworth-Jones, Philip ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Stewart, R. Stefan conferenceObjectopenAccess
41-Jun-2013Treponematosis in Pre-Columbian Jamaica: a biocultural approach to the human cranium found in Bull SavannahSantos, Ana Luísa ; Gardner, Michael ; Allsworth-Jones, Philip articleopenAccess