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Antunes, Filipe E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Aggregation and gelation in hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose aqueous solutionsSilva, Sérgio M. C. ; Pinto, Fátima V. ; Antunes, Filipe E. ; Miguel, Maria G. ; Sousa, João J. S. ; Pais, Alberto A. C. C. articleopenAccess
22008Gelation of charged bio-nanocompartments induced by associative and non-associative polysaccharidesAntunes, Filipe E. ; Coppola, Luigi ; Rossi, Cesare Oliviero ; Ranieri, Giuseppe Antonio articleopenAccess
32008How does a non-ionic hydrophobically modified telechelic polymer interact with a non-ionic vesicle? Rheological aspectsSantos, Tiago dos ; Medronho, Bruno ; Antunes, Filipe E. ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria articleopenAccess
411-Jan-2007Mechanisms behind the Faceting of Catanionic Vesicles by Polycations: Chain Crystallization and SegregationAntunes, Filipe E. ; Brito, Rodrigo O. ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria articleopenAccess
525-Oct-2005Mixed Systems of Hydrophobically Modified Polyelectrolytes: Controlling Rheology by Charge and Hydrophobe Stoichiometry and Interaction StrengthAntunes, Filipe E. ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria G. articleopenAccess
625-May-2004Network Formation of Catanionic Vesicles and Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes. Effect of Polymer Charge Density and Hydrophobic ModificationAntunes, Filipe E. ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Gomes, Ricardo ; Thuresson, Krister ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria G. articleopenAccess
72008Polymer-vesicle associationAntunes, Filipe E. ; Marques, Eduardo F. ; Miguel, Maria G. ; Lindman, Björn articleopenAccess
82003A rheological investigation of the association between a non-ionic microemulsion and hydrophobically modified PEG. Influence of polymer architectureAntunes, Filipe E. ; Thuresson, Krister ; Lindman, Björn ; Miguel, Maria G. articleopenAccess
92007Shear rheology and phase behaviour of sodium oleate/water mixturesAntunes, Filipe E. ; Coppola, Luigi ; Gaudio, Danilo ; Nicotera, Isabella ; Oliviero, Cesare articleopenAccess