Espirito Santo, Christophe

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Espirito Santo, Christophe
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12022Effect of Controlled Atmospheres and Environmental Conditions on the Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Sweet Cherry Cultivar SatinPinto de Andrade, Luís; Veloso, Abel; Espirito Santo, Christophe ; Dinis Gaspar, Pedro; Silva, Pedro Dinho; Resende, Mafalda; Beato, Helena; Baptista, Cátia; Pintado, Cristina Miguel; Paulo, Luísa; Simões, Maria PaulaarticleopenAccess
225-Mar-2013Metallic copper surfaces: Molecular basics for antimocrobial propertiesEspírito Santo, Christophe Ruis doctoralThesisopenAccess