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Fernandes, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12015Best Pair of Two Skew Lines over the OctonionsSaraiva, P. ; Beites, P. D. ; Fernandes, J. ; Costa, C. ; Vitória, José articleopenAccess
22016Comparison of space weather services: information systems, activity and forecastsFernandes, J. ; Barata, M. ; Pinheiro, F. articleopenAccess
325-Nov-2013Li depletion in solar analogues with exoplanets: Extending the sampleE. Delgado Mena ; G. Israelian ; J. I. González Hernández ; S. G. Sousa ; A. Mortier ; N. C. Santos ; V. Zh. Adibekyan ; J. Fernandes ; R. Rebolo ; S. Udry ; M. Mayor articleopenAccess
42007Normal vascular and biliary hepatic anatomy: 3D demonstration by multidetector CTDonato, P. ; Coelho, P. ; Rodrigues, H. ; Vigia, E. ; Fernandes, J. ; Caseiro-Alves, F. ; Bernardes, A. articleopenAccess
51997Strain distribution in copper tensile specimens prestrained in rollingFernandes, J. ; Vieira, M. articleopenAccess
62013Temporal Evolution of Sunspot Areas and Estimation of Related Plasma FlowsGafeira, R. ; Fonte, C. C. ; Pais, M. A. ; Fernandes, J. articleopenAccess