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Carvalho, M. Graça V. S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Feb-2011Characterization of Eucalitptus grandis kraft pulps treated with phosphonates in different stages of TCF bleachingArea, Maria Cristina ; Felissia, Fernando E. ; Carvalho, M. Graça V. S. ; Ferreira, Paulo J. ; Barboza, Olga M. ; Bengoechea, Dora I. articleopenAccess
22010ECF bleaching with a final hydrogen peroxide stage: Impact of the chemical composition of Eucalyptus globulus kraft pulpsLoureiro, Pedro E. G. ; Domingues, Eva F. ; Evtuguin, Dmitry V. ; Carvalho, M. Graça V. S. articleopenAccess
32016Enzymatic treatment applied as a final stage inE. globuluskraft pulp bleachingSousa, Joana IT ; Moura, Ana IG ; Evtuguin, Dmitry V ; Carvalho, M Graça VS articleopenAccess
42014Valorization of Residual Streams from Pulp and Paper Mills: Pretreatment and Bioconversion of Primary Sludge to BioethanolMendes, Cátia V. T. ; Rocha, Jorge M. S. ; Carvalho, M. Graça V. S. articleopenAccess