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Nunes, Rui M. D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
131-Aug-2005Excited-State Proton Transfer in Gas-Expanded Liquids: The Roles of Pressure and Composition in Supercritical CO2/Methanol MixturesNunes, Rui M. D. ; Arnaut, Luís G. ; Solntsev, Kyril M. ; Tolbert, Laren M. ; Formosinho, Sebastião J. articleopenAccess
28-Jul-2009Photoacid for Extremely Long-Lived and Reversible pH-JumpsNunes, Rui M. D. ; Pineiro, Marta ; Arnaut, Luís G. articleopenAccess
32006Spectroscopic properties and photodynamic effects of new lipophilic porphyrin derivatives: Efficacy, localisation and cell death pathwaysKramer-Marek, Gabriela ; Serpa, Carlos ; Szurko, Agnieszka ; Widel, Maria ; Sochanik, Aleksander ; Snietura, Miroslaw ; Kus, Piotr ; Nunes, Rui M. D. ; Arnaut, Luís G. ; Ratuszna, Alicja articleopenAccess