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Silva, João Gabriel
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Feb-1998Computer science and the Pygmalion effectCarreira, João ; Silva, João Gabriel articleopenAccess
21999Implementing MPI-2 Extended Collective OperationsSilva, Pedro ; Silva, João Gabriel conferenceObjectopenAccess
31999Implementing MPI’s One-Sided Communications for WMPIMourão, Fernando Elson ; Silva, João Gabriel conferenceObjectopenAccess
42002M&M's: Building Binary Software Components for Supporting Mobile-Agent Enabled ApplicationsMarques, Paulo ; Silva, Luís ; Silva, João Gabriel articleopenAccess
5Apr-2005Robust assertions and fail-bounded behaviorPrata, Paula ; Rela, Mario ; Madeira, Henrique ; Silva, João Gabriel articleopenAccess
61999Stabilizing Pre-Run-Time Schedules With the Help of Grace TimeMagalhães, Antonio Pessoa ; Silva, João Gabriel articleopenAccess
72000The WMPI Architecture for Dynamic Environments and Simultaneous Multiple DevicesPedroso, Hernâni ; Silva, Pedro ; Silva, João Gabriel conferenceObjectopenAccess
8Jan-1998Why do some (weird) people inject faults?Carreira, João ; Silva, João Gabriel articleopenAccess
91998WMPI Message Passing Interface for Win32 ClustersMarinho, José ; Silva, João Gabriel conferenceObjectopenAccess