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Nunes, Sandra C. C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12007Conformational study of isolated pindolol by HF, DFT and MP2 calculationsNunes, Sandra C. C. ; Jesus, A. J. Lopes ; Rosado, Mário Túlio S. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. articleopenAccess
22007Enthalpy of sublimation/vaporization of trans-cyclohexyl-1,4-diamine and cis-cyclohexyl-1,2-diamineTomé, Luciana I. N. ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Nunes, Sandra C. C. ; Maria, Teresa M. R. ; Canotilho, João ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. articleopenAccess
37-Aug-2013A new perspective on correlated polyelectrolyte adsorption: positioning, conformation, and patternsNunes, Sandra C C ; Cova, Tânia F G G ; Pais, A A C C articleopenAccess
42004Polymorphism of pindolol, 1-(1H-indol-4-yloxyl)-3-isopropylamino-propan-2-olNunes, Sandra C. C. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda ; Leitão, M. Luísa P. ; Redinha, J. S. articleopenAccess
51-Sep-2008Structure of the 2-isopropylaminoethanol isolated molecule: Conformational analysis and intramolecular interactionsNunes, Sandra C. C. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. ; Jesus, A. J. Lopes ; Rosado, Mário T. S. ; Redinha, J. S. articleopenAccess
62009A study of the structure of the pindolol based on infrared spectroscopy and natural bond orbital theoryCastro, Ricardo A. E. ; Canotilho, João ; Nunes, Sandra C. C. ; Eusébio, M. Ermelinda S. ; Redinha, J. Simões articleopenAccess
72012The role of excluded volume and electrostatics from coarse-grain modeling of the interaction of gemini surfactants with like-charged membranesNunes, Sandra C.C. ; Almeida, J.A.S. ; Dias, R.S. ; Pais, A.A.C.C. articleopenAccess