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Gaspar, Joana Margarida Navalho
Gaspar, Joana M.
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Former Researcher UC


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
117-Aug-2009Diabetes changes the levels of ionotropic glutamate receptors in the rat retinaSantiago, Ana R. ; Gaspar, Joana M. ; Baptista, Filipa I. ; Cristóvão, Armando J. ; Santos, Paulo F. ; Kamphuis, Willem ; Ambrósio, António F. articleopenAccess
2Apr-2011Diabetes induces early transient changes in the content of vesicular transporters and no major effects in neurotransmitter release in hippocampus and retinaBaptista, Filipa I. ; Gaspar, Joana M. ; Cristóvão, Armando ; Santos, Paulo F. ; Köfalvi, Attila ; Ambrósio, António F. articleopenAccess
316-Mar-2011Molecular and cellular changes triggered by diabetes in the hippocampus: a sweet-bitter connectionGaspar, Joana Margarida Navalho doctoralThesisopenAccess