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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
120-May-2016Additive aggregation with variable interdependent parameters: the VIP Analysis softwareDias, Luis C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
22002An aggregation/disaggregation approach to obtain robust conclusions with ELECTRE TRIDias, Luís ; Mousseau, Vincent ; Figueira, José ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
32008An algorithm for ordinal sorting based on ELECTRE with categories defined by examplesRocha, Clara ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
4Dec-2016An Application of Soft Systems Methodology in the Evaluation of Policies and Incentive Actions to Promote Technological Innovations in the Electricity SectorAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luis ; Dantas, Guilherme ; Mathias, João ; Zamboni, Lucca articleopenAccess
52015An application of value-based DEA to identify the best practices in primary health careGouveia, M. C. ; Dias, L. C. ; Antunes, C. H. ; Mota, M. A. ; Duarte, E. M. ; Tenreiro, E. M. articleopenAccess
6Apr-2019Analysis of cost-environmental trade-offs in biodiesel production incorporating waste feedstocks: A multi-objective programming approachCaldeira, Carla; Freire, Fausto; Olivetti, Elsa A.; Kirchain, Randolph; Dias, Luis C. articleembargoedAccess
730-Jan-2013Aplicação do método Action Research ao processo de apoio à decisão com uso do sistema VIP analysisVentura, Alecsandra Alves Veras doctoralThesisopenAccess
8Nov-2015Applying Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to the Life-Cycle Assessment of vehiclesDomingues, Ana Rita ; Marques, Pedro ; Garcia, Rita ; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
92006An Approach to Support Negotiation Processes with Imprecise Information Multicriteria Additive ModelsClímaco, João ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
10Oct-2018Assessing supply risks for non-fossil mineral resources via multi-criteria decision analysisJasiński, Dominik ; Cinelli, Marco ; Dias, Luis C. ; Meredith, James ; Kirwan, Kerry articleopenAccess
111-Sep-2008Assessing the performance of biogas plants with multi-criteria and data envelopment analysisMadlener, Reinhard ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
122014Avaliação de desempenho das unidades de saúde para a melhoria dos cuidados de saúde primáriosGouveia, M. C. ; Dias, L. C. ; Antunes, C. H. ; Mota, M. A. ; Duarte, E. M. ; Tenreiro, E. M. bookPartopenAccess
1312-Oct-2012Barómetro do Centro de Portugal : orientações para a construção de um indicador compósito para avaliação da conjuntura do Centro de Portugal com recurso a opinião de peritosMendes, Catarina Filipa Carnoto. masterThesisopenAccess
14Jun-2015Benchmarking of maintenance and outage repair in an electricity distribution company using the value-based DEA methodGouveia, M.C. ; Dias, L.C. ; Antunes, C.H. ; Boucinha, J. ; Inácio, C.F. articleopenAccess
152017Beyond Value Function Methods in MCDA for Health CareDiaby, Vakaramoko ; Dias, Luis bookPartembargoedAccess
16Dec-2014Biogas plants site selection integrating Multicriteria Decision Aid methods and GIS techniques: A case study in a Portuguese regionSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
172012Comparison of decision rules to mediate negotiations with incomplete informationSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
182005Dealing with imprecise information in group multicriteria decisions: a methodology and a GDSS architectureDias, Luís C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
192006Dealing with inconsistent judgments in multiple criteria sorting modelsMousseau, Vincent ; Dias, Luís ; Figueira, José articleopenAccess
202012Dealing with uncertainty in Decision Support Systems: Recent trends (2000–2011)Dias, Luis C. ; Henggeler Antunes, Carlos ; Rios Insua, David articleopenAccess
212007A decisão: uma temática pluridisciplinarHenggeler Antunes, Carlos ; Dias, Luis C. bookPartopenAccess
22Oct-2014Development of a Web-based Multi-criteria Spatial Decision Support System for the assessment of environmental sustainability of dairy farmsSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
232000ELECTRE TRI for Groups with Imprecise Information on Parameter ValuesDias, Luís ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
24Apr-2019Enriching the results of screening social life cycle assessment using content analysis: a case study of sugarcane in BrazilDu, Chongyang; Ugaya, Cássia; Freire, Fausto; Dias, Luis C. ; Clift, RolandarticleembargoedAccess
2514-Mar-2018Environmental and social life cycle assessment of sugarcane in Brazil: comparing manual and mechanical harvestingDu, Chongyang doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
262002Exploring the Consequences of Imprecise Information in Choice Problems Using ELECTREDias, Luis C. ; Clímaco, João bookPartopenAccess
27Jan-2019Group decision making with incomplete information: a dominance and quasi-optimality volume-based approach using Monte-Carlo simulationSarabando, Paula; Dias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, RudolfarticleembargoedAccess
282018Identification of objectives for national energy planning in developing countriesLee, N.C. ; Leal, V.M.S. ; Dias, L.C. articleembargoedAccess
29Aug-2014Impact of feedstock diversification on the cost-effectiveness of biodieselGülşen, Ece ; Olivetti, Elsa ; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luis ; Kirchain, Randolph articleopenAccess
30Jan-2019Influence of Demographics on Consumer Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Review of Choice Modelling Studies and a Study in PortugalOliveira, Gabriela D.; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
312015IntroductionBisdorff, Raymond ; Dias, Luis C. ; Meyer, Patrick ; Mousseau, Vincent ; Pirlot, Marc bookPartopenAccess
322003IRIS: a DSS for multiple criteria sorting problemsDias, Luís C. ; Mousseau, Vincent articleopenAccess
332014Levels of incomplete information in group decision models – A comprehensive simulation studyVetschera, Rudolf ; Sarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luis articleopenAccess
34Apr-2018Life cycle assessment addressing health effects of particulate matter of mechanical versus manual sugarcane harvesting in BrazilDu, Chongyang ; Kulay, Luiz ; Cavalett, Otavio ; Dias, Luis ; Freire, Fausto articleembargoedAccess
352007Managing uncertainty in decision support modelsAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
362007Managing uncertainty in decision support models foreword to the special issueAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís Cândido articleopenAccess
37May-2013Mediation with Incomplete Information: Approaches to Suggest Potential AgreementsSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luís C. ; Vetschera, Rudolf articleopenAccess
38Sep-2013MPOC: an agglomerative algorithm for multicriteria partially ordered clusteringRocha, Clara ; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
39Apr-2018A multi-criteria approach to sort and rank policies based on Delphi qualitative assessments and ELECTRE TRI: The case of smart grids in BrazilDias, Luis C. ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dantas, Guilherme ; Castro, Nivalde de ; Zamboni, Lucca articleembargoedAccess
402015Multi-Criteria Assessment of Data Centers Environmental SustainabilityCovas, Miguel Trigueiros ; Silva, Carlos A. ; Dias, Luis C. bookPartopenAccess
41Jul-2008A multi-criteria decision approach to sorting actions for promoting energy efficiencyNeves, Luís Pires ; Martins, António Gomes ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís Cândido articleopenAccess
422015Multi-criteria environmental performance assessment with an additive modelDias, Luís C. ; Silva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís bookPartopenAccess
432015Multi-criteria sustainability classification of dairy farms in a portuguese regionSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luis C. bookPartopenAccess
44Apr-2014A multi-objective approach for developing national energy efficiency plansHaydt, Gustavo ; Leal, Vítor ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
45Oct-2014Multi-objective optimization for building retrofit: a model using genetic algorithm and artificial neural network and an applicationAsadi, Ehsan ; Silva, Manuel Gameiro da ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luís ; Glicksman, Leon articleopenAccess
462013Multicriteria Classification with Unknown Categories: A Clustering-Sorting Approach and an Application to Conflict ManagementRocha, Clara ; Dias, Luis C. ; Dimas, Isabel articleopenAccess
472013Multicriteria decision analysis for sustainable data centers locationCovas, Miguel T. ; Silva, Carlos A. ; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
482017Multiobjective programming for sizing and locating biogas plants: A model and an application in a region of PortugalSilva, Sandra ; Alçada-Almeida, Luís ; Dias, Luís C. articleembargoedAccess
49May-2019Multiple local optima in Zeuthen–Hicks bargaining: an analysis of different preference modelsDias, Luis C. ; Vetschera, RudolfarticleembargoedAccess
50Sep-2012A Note on a Group Preference Axiomatization with Cardinal UtilityDias, Luis C. ; Sarabando, Paula articleopenAccess
511999On computing ELECTRE's credibility indices under partial informationDias, Luís C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
522013On locating sustainable Data Centers in Portugal: Problem structuring and GIS-based analysisCovas, Miguel Trigueiros ; Silva, Carlos A. ; Dias, Luis C. articleopenAccess
53Jan-2014On multi-criteria sustainability assessment: Spider-gram surface and dependence biasesDias, Luis C. ; Domingues, Ana Rita articleopenAccess
5423-Jan-2017Optimization of Feedstock Blends to Improve Biodiesel Cost Effectiveness and Manage Environmental ImpactsCaldeira, Carla Sandra Patinha doctoralThesisopenAccess
552018Performance evaluation of Portuguese mutual fund portfolios using the value-based DEA methodGouveia, Maria do Castelo Batista ; Neves, Elisabete Duarte; Dias, Luís Cândido ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler articleopenAccess
56Mar-2019Planning strategies to address operational and price uncertainty in biodiesel productionCaldeira, Carla; Swei, Omar; Freire, Fausto; Dias, Luis C. ; Olivetti, Elsa A.; Kirchain, RandolpharticleembargoedAccess
57Dec-1996O Processamento Paralelo e o Apoio Multicritério à Decisão: Algumas Experiências ComputacionaisDias, Luis M. C. ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
582018Public policies for smart grids in BrazilDantas, Guilherme de A. ; Castro, Nivalde J. de ; Dias, Luis ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Vardiero, Pedro ; Brandão, Roberto ; Rosental, Rubens ; Zamboni, Lucca articleembargoedAccess
598-Nov-2011Regras de origem preferencial e controlo de exportação o caso da Bosch TermotecnologiaPedro, Sandrine Figueira masterThesisopenAccess
602003Resolving inconsistencies among constraints on the parameters of an MCDA modelMousseau, Vincent ; Figueira, José ; Dias, Luís ; Gomes da Silva, Carlos ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
6118-Nov-2013A retrofit decision support approach for improving energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality in buildingsAsadi, Ehsan doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
62Sep-2015Uma revisão de três pacotes de software dedicados a problemas multiatributoClímaco, João ; Dias, Luis ; Alçada Almeida, Luis articleopenAccess
63May-2019Robust multi-criteria weighting in comparative LCA and S-LCA: A case study of sugarcane production in BrazilDu, Chongyang; Dias, Luis C. ; Freire, FaustoarticleembargoedAccess
642000Shortest path problems with partial information: Models and algorithms for detecting dominanceDias, Luís C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
652010Simple procedures of choice in multicriteria problems without precise information about the alternatives’ valuesSarabando, Paula ; Dias, Luís C. articleopenAccess
6619-Jan-2015Sistema de Apoio à Decisão Espacial Multicritério na Localização de Centrais de BiogásSilva, Sandra Cristina Gonçalves da doctoralThesisopenAccess
672015Stochastic comparative assessment of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from conventional and electric vehiclesNoshadravan, Arash ; Cheah, Lynette ; Roth, Richard ; Freire, Fausto ; Dias, Luis ; Gregory, Jeremy articleopenAccess
682012Super-efficiency and stability intervals in additive DEAGouveia, M C ; Dias, L C ; Antunes, C H articleopenAccess
692007Supporting groups in sorting decisions: Methodology and use of a multi-criteria aggregation/disaggregation DSSDamart, Sébastien ; Dias, Luís C. ; Mousseau, Vincent articleopenAccess
70Mar-2013Uncovering the multiple objectives behind national energy efficiency planningHaydt, Gustavo ; Leal, Vítor ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
712012Value-based DEA models: application-driven developmentsde Almeida, P N ; Dias, L C articleopenAccess
722004Valued outranking relations in ELECTRE providing manageable disaggregation proceduresMousseau, Vincent ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess