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Chaparro, B. M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
130-Apr-2009Formability of similar and dissimilar friction stir welded AA 5182-H111 and AA 6016-T4 tailored blanksLeitão, C. ; Emílio, B. ; Chaparro, B. M. ; Rodrigues, D. M. articleopenAccess
21-Sep-2008Material parameters identification: Gradient-based, genetic and hybrid optimization algorithmsChaparro, B. M. ; Thuillier, S. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Manach, P. Y. ; Fernandes, J. V. articleopenAccess
32007A new approach for reverse analyses in depth-sensing indentation using numerical simulationAntunes, J. M. ; Fernandes, J. V. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Chaparro, B. M. articleopenAccess
42007Study on the influence of work-hardening modeling in springback predictionOliveira, M. C. ; Alves, J. L. ; Chaparro, B. M. ; Menezes, L. F. articleopenAccess