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Oliveira, Micael
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Oct-2015Density Functional Theory: Systematic benchmarking of exchange and correlation functionals for the G2 datasetAbreu, João masterThesisopenAccess
29-Jun-2006Octopus: a tool for the application of time-dependent density functional theoryCastro, Alberto ; Appel, Heiko ; Oliveira, Micael ; Rozzi, Carlo A. ; Andrade, Xavier ; Lorenzen, Florian ; Marques, M. A. L. ; Gross, E. K. U. ; Rubio, Angel articleopenAccess
3Jul-2015Optical and Magnetical Properties of Endohedral Silicon CagesMarques, Mário Rui Gonçalves masterThesisopenAccess