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Lebrun, J. L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12000A methodology development for the study of near surface stress gradientsMarques, M. J. ; Dias, A. M. ; Gergaud, P. ; Lebrun, J. L. articleopenAccess
21999Residual stress analysis in orthogonal machining of standard and resulfurized AISI 316L steelsM'Saoubi, R.; Outeiro, J. C. ; Changeux, B.; Lebrun, J. L. ; Morão Dias, A. articleopenAccess
32003Study by X-ray diffraction and mechanical analysis of the residual stress generation during thermal sprayingPina, J. ; Dias, A. ; Lebrun, J. L. articleopenAccess
42005X-ray diffraction characterization of ion-implanted austenitic stainless steelMarques, M. J. ; Pina, J. ; Dias, A. M. ; Lebrun, J. L. ; Feugeas, J. articleopenAccess