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Miranda, Maria Arminda
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12009Body modification and paleopathological evidence in the iconography from the ‘Philosophical Travel’ to Brazilian Amazonia by Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira (1783 – 1792)Martins, Maria do Rosário ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Miranda, Maria Arminda ; Matos, Vítor articleopenAccess
22009Iconographic approaches to the study of musculoskeletal stress markersAssis, Sandra ; Martins, Maria do Rosário ; Miranda, Maria Arminda ; Santos, Ana Luísa conferenceObjectopenAccess
32012Mabaia manzungu - tratado de deveres e direitosMiranda, Maria Arminda ; Martins, Maria Rosário articleopenAccess