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Edlund, Håkan
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Former Researcher UC


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
115-Nov-2021Lignin enhances cellulose dissolution in cold alkaliCosta, Carolina; Medronho, Bruno ; Eivazi, Alireza; Svanedal, Ida; Lindman, Björn ; Edlund, Håkan ; Norgren, MagnusarticleopenAccess
230-May-2000Liquid Crystals and Phase Equilibria Binary Bile Salt-Water SystemsMarques, Eduardo F. ; Edlund, Håkan ; Mesa, Camillo La ; Khan, Ali articleopenAccess
331-Oct-2000Micelles, Dispersions, and Liquid Crystals in the Catanionic Mixture Bile Salt−Double-Chained Surfactant. The Bile Salt-Rich AreaMarques, Eduardo F. ; Regev, Oren ; Edlund, Håkan ; Khan, Ali articleopenAccess