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Araújo, Helder
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12003Analysis and comparison of two methods for the estimation of 3D motion parametersGonçalves, Nuno ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
2Aug-2013Calibration of mirror position and extrinsic parameters in axial non-central catadioptric systemsPerdigoto, Luis ; Araujo, Helder articleopenAccess
32006Fitting conics to paracatadioptric projections of linesBarreto, João P. ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
42004A General Framework for the Selection of World Coordinate Systems in Perspective and Catadioptric Imaging ApplicationsBarreto, João P. ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
52000Integration of information from several vision systems for a common task of surveillancePeixoto, Paulo ; Batista, Jorge ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
62001Maintaining the relative positions and orientations of multiple robots using visionPaulino, António ; Batista, Jorge ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
72003A review on egomotion by means of differential epipolar geometry applied to the movement of a mobile robotArmangué, Xavier ; Araújo, Helder ; Salvi, Joaquim articleopenAccess
8Dec-2013Robust image-based visual servoing using invariant visual informationTahri, Omar ; Araujo, Helder ; Chaumette, François ; Mezouar, Youcef articleopenAccess
92005A Stereovision Method for Obstacle Detection and Tracking in Non-Flat Urban EnvironmentsYu, Qian ; Araújo, Helder ; Wang, Hong articleopenAccess
10Nov-2014Visual servoing of mobile robots using non-central catadioptric camerasAliakbarpour, Hadi ; Tahri, Omar ; Araujo, Helder articleopenAccess