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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Oct-2017An integrated approach on energy consumption and indoor environmental quality performance in six Portuguese secondary schoolsDias Pereira, Luisa ; Neto, Luis; Bernardo, Hermano ; Gameiro da Silva, Manuel Carlos embargoedAccess
220-Nov-2018Improving energy use in schools: from IEQ towards energy-efficient planning—method and in-field application to two case studiesDias Pereira, Luisa; Bispo Lamas, Francisco; Gameiro da Silva, ManuelarticleembargoedAccess
32015Indoor air quality audit and evaluation on thermal comfort in a school in PortugalDias Pereira, Luisa; Cardoso, Edna; Gameiro da Silva, Manuel CarlosembargoedAccess
4Sep-2017A review on current advances in the energy and environmental performance of buildings towards a more sustainable built environmentSoares, N. ; Bastos, J. ; Dias Pereira, L. ; Soares, A. ; Amaral, A.R. ; Asadi, E. ; Rodrigues, E. ; Lamas, F.B. ; Monteiro, H. ; Lopes, M.A.R. ; Gaspa, A.R. articleopenAccess