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12014A 3D Model for Mechanistic Control of Drug ReleaseFerreira, José Augusto ; Grassi, M. ; Gudin͂o, Elias ; Oliveira, Paula de articleopenAccess
22005Action of the symmetric group on sets of skew-tableaux with prescribed matrix realizationAzenhas, Olga ; Mamede, Ricardo articleopenAccess
32002Actions of the symmetric group on sets generated by Yamanouchi wordsAzenhas, Olga ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
42005Actuator effect of a piezoelectric anisotropic plate modelCosta, Lino ; Oliveira, Pedro ; Figueiredo, Isabel N. ; Leal, Rogério preprintopenAccess
52008Akivis superalgebras and specialityAlbuquerque, Helena ; Santana, Ana Paula preprintopenAccess
62009Algebraic theory of multiple orthogonal polynomialsBranquinho, A. ; Cotrim, L. ; Moreno, A. Foulquié preprintopenAccess
71999Algebraically linearizable dynamical systemsCaseiro, R. ; Françoise, J. P. preprintopenAccess
82005An algorithm for ranking quickest simple pathsPascoal, Marta M. B. ; Captivo, M. Eugénia V. ; Clímaco, João C. N. articleopenAccess
92017Algorithms for determining a node-disjoint path pair visiting specified nodesGomes, Teresa ; Martins, Lúcia ; Ferreira, Sofia ; Pascoal, Marta ; Tipper, David articleembargoedAccess
101997Algoritmos para a enumeração dos K trajectos mais curtosPascoal, Marta Margarida Braz masterThesisopenAccess
112004Alguns marcos da Matemática na Universidade de Coimbra no período 1772-1936Silva, Jaime Carvalho e preprintopenAccess
122004Almost optimal convergence rates for kernel density estimation under associationHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
132011An affine invariant multiple test procedure for assessing multivariate normalityTenreiro, Carlos articleembargoedAccess
142014An algorithm for computing all-terminal reliability boundsSilva, Jaime ; Gomes, Teresa Martinez dos Santos ; Tipper, David ; Martins, Lucia; Kounev, Velin articleembargoedAccess
152014An alternating direction implicit method for a second-order hyperbolic diffusion equation with convectionAraújo, Adérito ; Neves, Cidália ; Sousa, Ercília articleembargoedAccess
162015An analogue of the Robinson-Schensted-Knuth correspondence and non-symmetric Cauchy kernels for truncated staircasesAzenhas, Olga ; Emami, Aram articleembargoedAccess
172016An approach to determine unsupported non-dominated solutions in bicriteria integer linear programsClímaco, João C. N. ; Pascoal, Marta articleembargoedAccess
182015An effective algorithm for computing all-terminal reliability boundsSilva, Jaime ; Gomes, Teresa ; Tipper, David ; Martins, Lúcia ; Kounev, Velin articleopenAccess
192015An exact method for constructing minimal cost/minimal SRLG spanning trees over optical networksCraveirinha, José M. F. ; Clímaco, João C. N. ; Martins, Lúcia M. R. A. ; Pascoal, Marta articleembargoedAccess
201-Dec-2014An explicit high order method for fractional advection diffusion equationsSousa, Ercília articleopenAccess